Gold: 53gm
1032 Round Diamonds: 11.25ct
14 Emerald Cut Diamonds: 5.2ct
3 Emerald Cut Diamonds: 3.12ct
1 Cushion Cut Diamond: 1.54ct
16 Cushion Cut Diamond: 7.44ct
1 Pear Shaped Diamond: 5.16ct
Color Grade: H
Clarity: S12
15.74 X 10.57 X 5.35 mm
EGL US917742201D

Experience breathtaking gemstone majesty with this ravishing 18k white gold diamond necklace. Featuring an assortment of round, emerald, cushion, and pear shaped cut diamonds weighing in at a remarkable 33.71 carats, this stunning piece represents the definition of jeweled elegance and cultured refinement. Each luminescent diamond holds an H color with S12 clarity, and is sure to beguile the soul and illuminate the room with each movement. Create a conversation, inspire dreams, or look deep into your soul—with this captivating diamond necklace, your spiritual and earthly possibilities are endless.