Mike Cassidy
General Manager of California Closets

When it comes to closet, home storage, and design solutions, there’s one name in the industry that stands out—California Closets. Equipped with a team of design experts, California Closets has been reimagining closets, kitchens, offices, bedrooms, and living spaces for over four decades.

No matter what the space or budget, the team at California Closets offers clients a streamlined design experience that seamlessly blends function with personal style and interior aesthetic from the opulent to the pragmatic. By masterfully curating spaces rooted in comfort, California Closets creates a connected environment where people can become better versions of themselves. Elevated was excited to catch up with Mike Cassidy, General Manager of California Closets, to “walk-in” to the world of closets, design, and function.

For several years, California Closets has been the leader in organizational interior design concepts, from kitchens, to media centers, to…closets. Tell us the about the latest trends you’re seeing in the industry?

The home improvement industry is having an amazing year. With everyone spending more time at home, people are recognizing how important it is to pursue the environment they’ve always wanted. Everywhere you look, people are eager to share what projects they’re working on in their living spaces. We love designing home offices for people working remote, which has been one of our more popular spaces this year.

It’s difficult for many homeowners to create an uncluttered space that provides storage options that still organically blend with interior design concepts. So—what’s your process?

That’s exactly right. Our process is to collaborate with the homeowner to design a space that fits their needs, their personal style, and create the perfect storage solution for their home.

Over the past several decades, creating more closet space in the primary suite has become essential for comfortable and streamlined living. What are the best options for people looking to unclutter and elevate function?

You never realize how much better your life is when you invest in organization. Even something as simple as adding a shelving unit on that extra wall in the living room can go a long way. There are so many opportunities to create a more functional lifestyle without compromising
aesthetic. That’s where our guidance comes in!

Many interior designers will tell you “it’s all about the lines.” How does California Closets approach different design trends while still remaining true to its unique je ne sais quoi?

California Closets has endless options when it comes to materials and product offerings. While collaborating on a functional space specific to the homeowner, we can turn that space into our client’s personalized quarters with a faux-leather crocodile countertop, or decorative glass inserts, LED lighting, or decorative hardware, just to name a few.

Kitchen design has changed drastically in recent years, and now is the focal point of many homes. Tell us a few tips for creating a shipshape space that works for everyone.

California Closets is able to provide pantry space, wine and coffee bars, and all other kitchen spaces in between. These spaces are also great opportunities to play with different colors and textures, as they can also act as a centerpiece for hosting and entertaining.

With remote work on the rise, it seems everyone is in need of a home-office. But some people just don’t have a dedicated space. How does California Closets seamlessly blend the work/life balance from a design standpoint?

If there’s something we’ve learned over the years, it’s that there’s almost always a solution! One of our most popular offerings at the moment are wall-beds with a built-in desk. These systems are amazing for small spaces where you need a professional location to focus, as well as a place to sleep at night.

What’s one feature every closet should have regardless of price?

Lighting! Lighting can add so much depth and dimension to a room that you never thought you needed. It brightens the colors in your wardrobe making it impossible to lose your favorite pieces in a dark corner.