It’s officially Autumn! That means it’s the season of cool breezes, breathtaking sunsets, a cozy fire, and cute little scarves. It also means it’s the season of pumpkin spice lattes, decadent desserts, roasted birds, buttery mashed potatoes, rich beef burgundy, and all the other scaletipping comfort foods that slowly drip like gravy into our dietary habits. We all know the holiday season is notorious for overindulgence. But even though sucking down a gallon of rum-spiked hot cider alongside half a pumpkin pie sounds like pure heaven (especially during these interesting times), it’s always best to maintain a healthy diet and healthy mind. That’s why Elevated is bringing you some fall lifestyle tips courtesy of Gil Yurly, renowned trainer and owner of Body Wise Fitness in Costa Mesa. From celebrities, to athletes, to politicians, to real estate agents, Gil has been keeping everyone in shape for over 30 years, and is dedicated to helping each of his clients create the best versions of themselves.

Fall is a time of overindulgence when it comes to eating. What’s the secret to keeping the pounds off when the temperatures cool down?
People should realize they may not be as active in the fall as they were in the summer months. That realization will hopefully translate into better food choices or foregoing some less healthy ones. In a positive light, if your hectic summer took away from your regular workouts, the fall and winter seasons can become a mental and physical grounding to get back to the basics, regain continuity, and make progress. We all know it’s going to happen. Halloween candy suddenly finds it’s way into the house. Thanksgiving leftovers. Holiday parties with chips and dip. Cold nights where only a burrito will satisfy the cravings.

What’s the best way to make up for dietary mistakes?
The best scenario is to not go there in the first place. Prolonged disregard for health will reveal itself on the weight scale, in your blood, and in other health tests. My advice is to have one to one-and-a-half cheat days a week. Eat clean the other five-and-a-half days and you’ll be fine. Obviously, refraining from overeating is the key to making it through the fall and winter.

But not everyone possesses the mind-power needed to navigate the heavy culinary terrain. What can people do to control their cravings?
To help with cravings, try to avoid simple sugars which peak blood sugar levels and lead to eating more and storing body fat. Eat healthy foods, like lean proteins or fruits and veggies, and drink lots of water, which in itself

When the temperatures cool down, people head inside. How can people replace the outdoor activity that comes with summer, when the weather isn’t as inviting?
Here in SoCal, we are fortunate to be less restricted with regard to climate than most of the country. In the event of laziness, many activities can be brought inside the garage or home. Yoga, Pilates, and cardio exercise are common—grab a set or two of dumbbells and a bench and you can exercise the whole body. Hire a trainer like my wife, Laurel, and myself who will come to your house and bring the necessary equipment. The number one reason people hire a trainer is because they will not or can’t do it on their own!

Some of us will avoid the pitfalls of cool weather eating, but some of us won’t. What’s the best advice you can give to those of us who pack on a few pounds during the fall?
Get back to the basics when you’ve had enough. Or, I offer the amazing Heaven Sent Weight Loss Program, designed for our clients to lose 15-30 lbs in just 30 days! You obviously have incredible self control when it comes to your diet and exercise routine. That being said, what’s one food you can’t stay

away from when you’re at the Thanksgiving table? When Turkey Day arrives, it’s usually a big feast! No holding back for me. Then again, I workout regularly and eat pretty well, so it’s definitely a well deserved
cheat day!
If there’s one thing people can do to eliminate that post Thanksgiving
spare tire, what would you recommend?
Be smart about what you’re doing to yourself. If you’re careless, you’re going to pay the price! Have a strategy and do your best to follow it! And remember, Body Wise Fitness is a clean and friendly place to get fit!!! To get started on your fall and winter fitness routine, visit or contact Gil Yurly directly at (949) 645-6110.