The Peak of High Fashion Rochelle Runge, Owner of Elle Rose Has Redefined the Look of Sun Valley, Idaho

Sun Valley, Idaho: The country’s go-to destination for some of the world’s finest skiing, epic snowboarding, scenic horseback riding, iconic trout fishing, thrilling mountain biking, peaceful snow-shoeing, and—exceptional high fashion. For over 30 years, Rochelle Runge, Owner of Elle Rose, has been offering residents and visitors of Sun Valley a masterfully curated selection of designer clothing and accessories from some of the world’s most iconic designers and brands: Dolce & Gabbana, Armenta, Valentino, Isabel Marant—nec plus ultra. But Elle Rose is much more than a storefront—it’s a total mind and body experience. When it comes to high fashion, it’s not just about a singular piece—it’s about a complete look—a top-to-bottom canvas pushing the extreme edges of refinement, a sweet mental vibration of pure eye-candy, a textured 3-D artistic experience laced into your body. A Balmain dress with Manolo Blahnik sandals. An Alexander McQueen blazer with an Hermes watch. Celine denim with a Nancy Gonzalez handbag. Elle Rose prides itself on its ability to balance color, shapes, and materials to create a yin-yang balance of harmony and aesthetic that resounds within us.

…yin-yang balance of harmony and aesthetic…

How does the team at Elle Rose masterfully curate your look? Personal attention. Artistic expression. Experience. Presence.

It’s been said that personalization is key to confident outward expression. It’s with that ethos that Elle Rose offers a personally tailored purchase experience for their clients, empowering us to find ourselves while also maintaining a comfortable and aesthetically accurate projection of who we feel we are on the inside. If you ask Rochelle about her vision, she’ll tell you it’s not just about working directly with her clients to create a look that suits their personality, body, and comfort-level best—it’s about delivering a purchasing experience that combines environmental beauty, inner peace, and world-class service to generate an uplifting experience that evokes an emotional response to her pieces.

From the moment you step inside an Elle Rose store, you’re immediately transported to a higher level of consciousness. From the panoramic windows framing Bald Mountain and the majestic Rockies, to the impeccable selection of ready-to-wear pieces, handbags, shoes, and accessories, Elle Rose offers a serene yet opulent fashion environment designed to elevate you to a celestial level.

Elevated dropped in just in time to visit Elle Rose’s flagship space to sit down with Rochelle before she headed out on yet another exciting international buying tour and gain fresh insight on fashion trends as well as summer pieces that no one can live without.

Elle Rose is an iconic luxury fashion destination that has completely redefined the look of Sun Valley. What is it that sets you apart?

Our customer service and the relationships we forge with our clients. We carry the best brands, including Valentino, Loro Piana, The Row, Alexander McQueen, and of course, Dolce & Gabbana.

Tell us a bit about your process when it comes to curating your seasonal lines?

When I travel to Europe to experience new collections, I always buy complete looks including accessories. What are some new pieces you’re excited about this summer? I’m so excited about the Bottega Venta handbags—I absolutely love the cassette bag. I also love the one-stud shoes and bags from Valentino. Fashion is ever-evolving.

How does the team at Elle Rose continue stay up-to-speed yet on-brand year after year?

When I return from a buying trip from Paris and Italy, I keep my team updated on the new collections. I love to share my knowledge with our staff in our weekly meetings. Elle Rose is known for its world-class service that elevates the luxury shopping experience.

What makes walking into an Elle Rose storefront so unique?

Each client that walks through the frond door enjoys the best shopping experience they’ll ever have because we actually care about how they feel when they walk back out the door.

Any particular fragrances you love that everyone should know about?

I love the Hermes fragrances we carry. For women, the Kelly Caleche—named after the Kelly handbag—is so fresh. For the men in your life, we offer the full line of Aqua di Parma.

Let’s talk jewelry—what’s one piece every woman should walk into an Elle Rose and purchase right now?

Every woman should have a beautiful Nudo ring from Pomellato, hoop earrings from Ippolita, and a diamond ring from Pasquale Bruni. Any fashion-centric trips coming up? If so, what will you be looking for? I’m heading out to Milan and Paris for the entire month of June and will be curating the stores for pre-spring 2023. I’m excited to see all the new collections!

What’s your favorite memory over the years of owning Elle Rose?

The joy of knowing such wonderful clients who’ve become lifelong friends. As I style my clients, we enjoy lots of fun and laughter together.