Since 2002, Gil Yurly and his wife Laurel have been transforming lives and bodies with their revolutionary fitness programs designed to maximize results. As the owner of Body Wise Fitness for nearly 20 years, Gil and Laurel have established themselves as two of the most respected personal trainers in Southern California, having worked with a vast spectrum of clients across all ages, including noted athletes, celebrities, and executives. Gil also holds five bodybuilding titles, including the 1992 and 2002 Mr. Natural California, and is a proud alumnus of Chapman University, where he played baseball. Elevated was delighted to check in with Gil and get some insider information on what’s happening in the fitness industry today and learn more about his groundbreaking Executive Fitness and Heaven Sent Weight Loss programs.

What inspired you to jump into the fitness industry?
I attended Chapman University to pursue my dream of professional baseball. I took up strength training as a means of conditioning. Once I finished school and realized a career in the major leagues was not on the horizon, I got hooked on bodybuilding. It filled the void of baseball, and I figured if I could pack on enough muscle, I could
be pretty good. I became a natural bodybuilder, and won several titles. From there, I took my knowledge and experience, and began helping people with their fitness goals.
You’ve worked with a wide range of people, from noted athletes to 9-to-5 executives. What are some tips for those of us just starting out on the path to getting fit?
I would suggest finding an activity or two that you enjoy, and if possible, grab a partner. Cardio activities enhance the heart and lungs, while strength
activities build muscle and reshape the body. Both are essential and consistency is key.
One of the toughest parts of maintaining an exercise and strength regimen is remaining committed to your goals. How do you keep your clients focused?
We derive our fitness goals from an initial consultation with the client. There can be daily and weekly check-ins, especially with the weight loss program, to make sure we are staying on track and doing what we need to do. With most clients, we keep workout charts that show their continued improvement.
One great thing about strength training is that muscles adapt to overload and progress is made weekly, especially in the early stages. I like to keep the workouts fresh, as diversity leads to continuous improvement as well.
Fitness is based on results. Tell us a how working with a personal trainer can optimize results. Unless you grew up in the gym, most people lack the expertise necessary to obtain their desired results. They know what they like to accomplish, but are void of direction and end up getting frustrated or spinning their wheels on their own. Rather than incurring frustration, injury, and wasting time, a Body Wise fitness trainer will create a tailored program designed to educate and encourage you, allowing you to reach your desired results.