Hotel Joaquin is a refuge for the world traveler who revels in living off the beaten path, the adventurers who embrace the beauty of nature, and the lovers of life who appreciate the finest attention to detail.
When you’re with us, you’re home. We invite you to come swim a while at the pool, take a spin on anything in our Adventure Garage, start your day with hand delivered coffee service and a decadent breakfast – all on the house.
The story of Hotel Joaquin Derived from the Mexican land grant of Rancho San Joaquin, which encompassed much of present-day Orange County, Hotel Joaquin speaks to the Spanish heritage of Laguna Beach.
Purchased by Auric Road in June of 2016, a mixture of old world sophistication and modern, yet laidback luxury is what we saw when envisioning Hotel Joaquin.
When acquired, the property was known as The Motor Inn Laguna Beach, a roadside motel that became dilapidated and out of date. After two years of renovation, and tearing each room completely down to the floor-boards, Hotel Joaquin was born. Every last detail from the name of the rooms to the way the tile shines at sunset was thought through.
Reborn from the ashes, Hotel Joaquin is now a seaside sanctuary – private enough to feel like you’re visiting an old friend’s estate, but open enough to incite adventure.

We hope all who visit are inspired to uncover their own path of reawakening, and to let the Joaquin mystique take them away.

The décor and design Hotel Joaquin was designed by Studio Robert McKinley to embody chic, playful, and layered décor. Inspiration for the décor was taken from the island of St.Barths, the 1950s Southern California beach culture, and the timeless and pristine aesthetic of the Mediterranean coast.

Each room was individually designed with one-of- kind vintage pieces, customized furniture, and curated artwork. Luxurious bathrooms feature monolithic imported stone offset by glinting solid brass fixtures. Hand-cut and crafted tile pays homage the timeless work of coastal craftsmen.