From the sands of Coastal Orange County to the sand dunes of the Coachella Valley, Ivan Moad and the Moad Group have been combining world-class service with record-shattering sales to distinguish themselves as one of Southern California’s most successful real estate teams. Specializing in coastal Orange County and desert luxury communities, Ivan offers clients insider insight into market trends, investment opportunities, and lifestyle upgrades designed to instantly enhance personal and financial futures. By splitting his time between homes in Corona del Mar and Indian Wells, Ivan and his team perpetually have their fingers on the pulse of two of SoCal’s hottest markets, while continuing to expand business into Northern California. Elevated caught up with Ivan at his serene desert hideaway to soak in the sun and discuss luxury real estate trends, the secret to real estate success, and the latest investment tips.

1. The Moad Group at Agentinc. is synonymous with luxury real estate expertise. Tell us what drives you to be one of Southern California’s most dynamic real estate teams.

I have always striven to be the best I can be at anything I try, and real estate hasn’t been any different. Now, I’m married with two children, so I don’t just do it for myself, but to make my family proud! It’s incredibly rewarding to come home every night and spend time with my wife and kids knowing I gave every effort in my work life to help my clients reach their real estate goals.

2. The Moad Group covers a large area of luxury real estate in both Coastal Orange County and the Coachella Valley. What are the latest market trends in both regions?

Up, up, and away! Prices continue to rise in both the coastal regions and in the Coachella Valley. Inventories are low and interest rates remain low. Until something changes, this market is very strong and continues to be an incredible investment.

3. Which leads me to the next question—the seller’s market is hot in Southern California and it doesn’t seem to be changing. What advice can you offer sellers to maximize their home value and increase their sales price?

As a real estate investor that has bought and sold many homes, I have a one, two, three formula. One, grab your buyer’s attention from the start! Increase your curb appeal by planting new landscaping or tearing out old landscaping. Also, choose an exterior paint scheme that is welcoming to
the eye.

Two, sell to the wife. Renovate the kitchen with the latest trends in cabinetry, countertops, appliances, and pantry space. Also, create a calm primary bedroom and bathroom space. Use paints and decor that are warm and welcoming. Three, sell to the husband. Create an awesome outdoor space, BBQ, or outdoor kitchen area. Inside, make an office space for remote work or a “man cave.” Grab the buyer’s attention from the beginning, and get both of them to start nodding when they walk into the home, and continue nodding when they see the outdoor areas.

4. You have a background in residential real estate investment. Can you tell us some of the hottest markets investors should be looking into?

It’s no secret that Silicon Valley has created many billionaires and even more millionaires. The prices in the Bay Area have skyrocketed, creating wealth for those that have been longtime homeowners. Lots of these homeowners are cashing out on their real estate wealth and purchasing homes in Sacramento and Lake Tahoe. These markets are super hot right now and will continue to see a rise in values. I have recently gone outside of my Southern California comfort zone to invest in both of these markets reaping the benefits of low inventories and rising prices.

5. In a seller’s market, submitting a successful offer can be a daunting experience these days. What advice do you have for buyer’s looking to get the best deal possible?

Put yourself in the seller’s shoes and try to make the seller the most confident about you and your offer. Obviously, cash is always best, but many buyers are taking advantage of today’s low interest rates to finance their purchase. Talk to your lender and see what would be the least amount of days you need to remove your appraisal and loan contingency. Also, before buying, seek out a home inspector and let him know you’re going to put an offer in on a house. You want to be able to get him into the house immediately and remove the home inspection contingency as quickly as possible.

Removing contingencies faster than the competition can make your offer stand out against offers similar in price.

6. What’s one thing every seller should do before hitting the market?

Every seller must de-clutter their home before listing. I totally understand that you’ve lived there for upwards of 30 years and have raised your children and created incredible memories—but now you’ve decided to sell, and buyers want to make their own memories in your beautiful home. So, make it a blank slate so the buyer can imagine their own memories being made.

7. When it comes to SoCal luxury real estate, you’re a seasoned veteran with one of the region’s most impressive resumes. What’s your secret to success and service?

I started as a real estate investor before I became a realtor. There’s nothing more frustrating than a realtor not responding to emails, texts, or phone calls. I’ve challenged myself to answer every phone call, return phone calls I miss, and respond to every text and email sent by my clients. My success in real estate has been my service.

8. You’ve been an elite agent for quite some time now. What inspired you to create the Moad Group?

I’ve had great success as a single agent and continue to grow my business. However, I can’t be everywhere and give every client the service I believe they deserve. The end game for The Moad Group is to be the best real estate group in ALL of California. I’m originally from Northern California and now live in Southern California. I continue to do real estate deals for myself and my clients in both parts of the state. I want to grow my team to be the most serviceoriented real estate team in the entire state of California.

9. You live a bi-regional SoCal lifestyle. So what do you prefer—beach sand or desert sand?

I’m going to be frank and say beach sand is more desirable. However, I don’t go to the desert for the sand. There’s a certain tranquility in the desert. Warm and quiet nights are incredibly relaxing for me. Both places are very special to me and I wouldn’t have it any other way than to live and work in both environments.

To list your luxury property, explore investment opportunities, or discover your perfect luxury home, visit the or reach out to Ivan directly at [email protected] or 619.587.4826