For this issue of Elevated magazine’s Agent Spotlight, we caught up with Agent Inc. agent Shelley Black, one of our top performers and top personalities. Shelley is a California native and proud
O.C. resident of over 20 years. Over the last decade, Shelley has accrued over $300M in sales and has been a recipient of the 5- Star Agent award for seven consecutive years. Her insider knowledge of markets, background in construction and design, and vast financial knowledge have allowed her to seek out and discov-er the most beneficial opportunities for her clients, making her one of the top agents in all of Southern California. And that’s not all—Shelley is also an absolute joy to be around. We decided to pick her brain a bit on market trends, luxury real estate, and even her desert island wine and cocktail musthaves.


1. What inspired you to become a real estate agent? I got into real estate to sell my own homes and avoid the fees and the rest is history!
2. Can you tell us a little bit about your first “million dollar listing” sale? Believe it or not, my very first sale was a $1.5 M home and I had no idea what I was doing. I decided to tell the listing agent it was my first sale and ask for a little help! She was extremely gracious and helped me throughout the process. Years later, I actually went to work for her. I find that most agents are willing to lend a helping hand if you just ask.
3. Predicting market trends is tough—what advice do you have for people looking to sell right now? Sell, sell, sell. The market I work in is definitely a sellers market right now. With that being said, sellers need to price correctly and make sure they have good representation. Design trends have changed and homes that were built just 10 years ago are considered outdated, so it’s very important that they do some upgrades or price accordingly.
4. Coronavirus landed in the U.S. and stalled the real estate industry—but now, it’s coming back to life. Can you give us a little insight on current market trends? I honestly can’t explain the buying frenzy that is going on right now other than a combination of low interest rates, the idea of being relatively quarantined for the next year, and investors redistributing funds from the stock market into the real estate market.
5. You’re success as a listing agent is remarkable. What advice can you give luxury homeowners that will help their properties sell for their desired price? One of my specialties is designing on a dime, so I explain how important it is to do some renovations that will get the most for their money and make the home turnkey. I have resources to get the renovations done fast and economically. I am also a big believer in staging a home, as there is factual data showing staged homes sell faster and for more money than non-staged homes.