Sport utility yacht. The Pershing way.

It’s a new aesthetic and emotional experience. A leap forward in the world of avant-garde yachting. This is where the full pleasure of the sea meets the unmistakable Pershing DNA. This is where the Dominant Species reaches a new evolutionary stage, to bring the Pershing thrill into a dimension that never existed before. Until we’ve done it.

The Vision – Yachting. Reimagined.

You can follow the rules. Or you can change them. Synonymous with avant-garde yachting since 1985, Pershing is now ready to go further than ever before. The GTX Series doesn’t just represent a step change in terms of technology and innovative solutions but creates a whole new world.



The revolution starts here. From a 35-metre yacht that breaks down every barrier. With her sporty nature and extreme liveability, her elegant styling and razor-sharp focus on making life pleasurable, Pershing GTX116 elevates the seagoing experience to a new dimension.


The thrill of speed and the pleasure of great power under control. The elegant dynamism of GTX116 springs from flawless synergy between three 1,800 mhp (opt. 2,000 mhp) MAN engines, Kamewa waterjets and cutting-edge Pershing technology.


165 square metres of seamlessly connected outdoor areas plus the ground-breaking Seascape. GTX radically changes the people-boat-water paradigm, introducing new possibilities and opening the way to new sensations.


Featuring a harmonious interplay of light and ambience, with sophisticated Made in Italy decor, the interiors of GTX116 are an expression of style, attention to detail and personality, configured to reflect the owner’s needs and desires.

We asked ourselves: where are we headed to in the next 5, 10, 20 years? What kind of territory is the Dominant Species going to conquer next? ~ Alberto Galassi, Ferretti Group CEO