The Spa at Sun Valley Resort Takes Holistic Treatments to the Next Level

When you think of Sun Valley, Idaho, one imagines the epic mountains, powdery slopes, backcountry boarding, blood-pumping mountain biking, and prized trout-fishing that are synonymous with one of the world’s most picturesque recreational regions.

But its not just about what happens outdoors that makes Sun Valley one of the most popular travel destinations—it’s also about what happens indoors.

Known for it’s chef-driven restaurants, farm-to-fork ethos, and luxury lodging, condos, and penthouses, Sun Valley offers visitors and residents access to one of the densest amenity-rich environments on planet earth. So, what would one of the nation’s most celebrated luxury and recreational regions be without one of the nation’s most celebrated Nordic spas? The answer: It wouldn’t be Sun Valley.

The Spa at Sun Valley Resort offers more than just body rituals, health and wellness treatments, facials, and massage therapy that literally annihilate stress, free radicals, and any other negatives you’re looking to remove from your body and mind—it offers Sun Valley residents and visitors a place to regenerate, revive, and reawaken their inner being.

Sun Valley has emerged over the years as one of the world’s most inspirational and attractive mountain and resort communities. Widely regarded as one of the finest ski, mountain biking, and trout fishing destinations, travelers and residents come together year-round to experience a life where nature and lifestyle take center stage in an active and inclusive community.

But simply residing in or visiting a spectacular mountain environment surrounded by beauty isn’t quite enough to fully experience total body nirvana—that takes a little more exploration. In order to reach the next level in awareness, stimulation, relaxation, and contentment, it’s vital to immerse yourself within the surrounding environment, embrace the culture, and experience soul-enriching moments that perfectly synchnature with the inner spirit.

And that’s what The Spa at Sun Valley Resort does best.

From the moment you step inside “The Spa,” there’s an air of something not only relaxing—but also something meaningful. Something spiritual. Something enlightening.

It’s what I call the “Sun Valley Effect.” When you have the distinct privilege to experience an entire town immersed in natural beauty both inwardly and outwardly, you inherently feel transformed. Transfixed. Transported.

From the impeccable interior aesthetics and design elements, to the world-class staff that treat you like family, to the muscle melting treatments that open up your chakras for maximum flow, The Spa at Sun Valley Resort is built to give new meaning to the word “relax.”


Once inside, you’ll experience the instantly disarming interior aesthetic that seamlessly blends the wooded mountain-scape with classic architectural lines, modern comfort, luxury-rustic flair, and total function. Delicately lit with just the right amount of natural light to brighten your eyes yet loosen your mind, the calming vibe inside The Spa at Sun Valley Resort is palpable.
Reimagined locker rooms provide ample space for socializing or unwinding after a long workout or treatment, while a year-round heated pool with a monumental view of Bald Mountain is ideal for post-massage refreshment, relaxation, and reflection.

And when it comes to treatments, The Spa at Sun Valley Resort does it better than anyone else with a holistic program of health and wellness options designed to ease the mind, body, and soul no matter what mood you’re in.

Big day on Bald Mountain and an even bigger night out in downtown Ketchum? Try the Hydrating Rose Quartz Facial that incorporates a warmed rose quartz massage to increase circulation and lock-in replenishing moisture for a smoother, glowing complexion.

Sending it hard on the biketrails at Adam’s Gulch and finished the day with an epic endo? Time for the Antara CBD Massage. Designed to capture the inner wisdom of the body and bring about profound healing, the CBD and arnica enhanced treatment loosens tired muscles, soothes skin, and reboots the mind for the next epic run.

Need perfect nails for your best friend’s big day? Revive your hands with a Classic Gel Manicure featuring deep conditioning and expert opi gel polish application.

And for those simply looking to relax in one of the most beautiful regions in the world, there’s the Balancing Ayurveda Body Ritual offering a divine full body experience with a warm, exfoliating herbal masque followed by a light dry brushing, brisk massage using warmed herb-infused oils, nourishing body wrap, and third-eye warm oil treatment.

“The Spa at Sun ValleyResort is inspired by incorporating the Nordic spa experience into Sun Valley’s deeply rooted culture, as well as the beautiful natural environment,” says Tracy Harper, Spa Director. “Our menu invites guests to sit back, relax, and leave feeling refreshed and positive.”

Sun Valley is not only known for its radiant natural beauty, but also for a community that continues to further the idea that health, wellness, nature, and calm can create an optimal lifestyle that feeds the mind and body.
“We’ve developed a guest experience like no other,” says Harper. “Our carefully curated and researched menu of treatments and services are all designed to release endorphins, giving guests a sense of happiness and belonging while enhancing their overall well-being—which is what the Sun Valley lifestyle is all about.”

With its commitment to developing a 360 body and spirit experience from first step in, to last rejuvenated step out, the Spa at Sun Valley Resort offers guests and residents an immersive and organic spa experience designed to elevate your perspective in a lasting and meaningful manner.

To enjoy your personally curated spa experience in one of the world’s most picturesque mountain and recreational regions, visit for more information.